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Micro-Architecture, EDA and FUN!

Dolly Software Pvt. Ltd. was founded in 2009 by a group of eminent technologists who have over a decade of experience in VLSI industry. After working in companies like Intel, Synopsys, and Mentor etc. they have decided to startup an organization with corporate head quarter in Bangalore. In the same year they opened its first office in eastern India. This R&D division works in VLSI Design and tools domain.

The company is well equipped with all modern facilities required for VLSI design and tool development. Primary software development eco-system is Linux, C/C++ and lex/yacc. Primary design eco-system is Windows/Linux and verilog. Their expertise lies in microprocessor design, compiler tool development. They are planning to expand in embedded system space very soon.

The company has planned to expand more. The top management is trying to open up an R&D division in PC hardware platform development and embedded system development. They will continue to add more EDA tools in the portfolio and upgrade micro-processor designs along with the new initiatives. They are also in search of talented students from engineering colleges for short and long term projects who might be the potential campus hires in future.